A cartoon bust of a caucasian man in a grey shirt, red flannel overshirt, and glasses, with shoulder length brown hair, giving a thumbs up.


Name: Jamie
Pronouns: He/They
Interests: Needlework (embroidery and cross stitch), writing short form fiction, miniaiture painting, roleplaying games, making/crafting*, wargames**, and horror movies***.
Profession: House husband.

* My spouse says that I have an insatiable need to make and I think that they're right!
** I'm a big fan of Warhammer 40k (Tau Empire & Farsight Enclaves), Necromunda (House Escher), and Blood and Plunder (Pirates).
*** Creature feature are generally my favorite. I started getting into the Hammer Horror movies during the COVID-19 pandemic while I was quarantining in my apartment.

Fun Fact: My favorite cryptid is the jackalope! I also really like the German version: the wolpertinger.